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Commercial exhaust fan installation

You could install an AC unit, but that involves a huge up-front expense in both hardware and insulation. It also involves the ongoing costs to run and maintain the system. Sometimes, however, just getting the hot air out of the shop makes a huge difference.

Pricing also adds to the attraction of these products. To do this, take the number of cubic feet in the room divided by the number of minutes you want per air change.

commercial exhaust fan installation

Our shop is 2, square feet with an average ceiling height of 14 feet. That yields about 33, cubic feet. That model can move CFM at 0. Do the math, and this fan will cycle the room every 4. Because our loft had no insulation, we had an easier time prepping the area.

We opted to cut out the hole from the inside. As it turns out, the last folks bottom-nailed the exterior vinyl siding. This makes it quite difficult to remove and cut. Before cutting, we drilled four 1-inch holes using Bosch Daredevil spade bits. That gave us the clearance we needed for the fan body. We wanted it securely fastened to the frame of our shop without protruding on the outside. A Makita 18V brushless circular saw made short work of these boards.

We then cut back the middle studs.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation

Once leveled and fastened with nails, this gave us a perfectly secure attachment point. Once that was done, we secured the fan to the stud frame using screws and washers. Moving outside, we caulked the J-channel to the frame of the commercial wall exhaust fan using DAP DynaFlex Ultra window and door sealant. Given the height of our shop, it was a good thing we had a Little Giant Hyperlite ladder on-hand that could comfortably get us to the peak.Bathroom exhaust fans, restroom fans and lavatory fans have a very important role in removing fowl odors, moist or stale air from a small to medium size space, and replacing with fresher, cleaner, dryer air.

A high quality bathroom fan, bath fan kit or duct inline fan is important since the areas that they work in necessitate their use at all times, and failure of the fan can lead to mold and mildew issues that can bec Read More.

Bathroom Ventilation Fans

A high quality bathroom fan, bath fan kit or duct inline fan is important since the areas that they work in necessitate their use at all times, and failure of the fan can lead to mold and mildew issues that can become costly over time.

Industrial Fans Direct has a full line of quality bathroom fans for most residential, commercial and industrial applications. These fans can be purchased in either a ceiling mount or wall mount version depending on your individual situation.

The ceiling mount version works with your home or buildings' existing duct work to exhaust the air to the outdoors. The wall mount type of bath fan typically mounts from outside the building and removes the air from the restroom or locker room directly through the wall without needing any duct work. Bathroom fans are rated like other types of exhaust fan, by the amount of air movement or CFM they produce.

Sizing of your bathroom fan is very important, and should produce at least 1 CFM for every square foot of the room. In larger bathrooms such as public restrooms, fitness centers, hospitals, schools, etc. Typically it is suggested that an additional 50 CFM per toilet or shower is appropriate. Again, under sizing your bath fan can cause issues with odor, mold or mildew. Features that may be offered in a bathroom ventilation fan are things such as lighting for a subdued light ambience if full lighting is not necessary - a speed control for varying the CFM volume of air movement the fan produces.

This can be good when you are not needing to remove moisture present in the air. Noise level of the fan is also a very important feature of any high quality ventilator. The level of noise these types of fan produce are rated in what is know as Sones. A sone the measurement of sound as it relates to how it is sensed by the average listener.

One sone is the equivalent of a refrigerator hum. Finding a bath fan that is rated at or below 2 sones is recommended. Fans rated above this can cause a white noise or worse. Unless you are fond of a noisy fan, you should stay away from a unit that is rated at 5 sones or above. Industrial Fans Direct carries a variety of high quality ceiling or wall mounted bathroom exhaust fans for most any residential home or commercial facility.

Home Bathroom Ventilation Fans. Please call Filters Bathroom Ventilation Fans. Bathroom Exhaust Fans. Bathroom Exhaust Fan Kits. Commercial Bathroom Fans. Sidewall Exhaust Fans.Before installing your roof mounted exhaust faninspect the equipment for any interior or exterior damage.

Make sure you have all of the accessory items and that they are also damage free. Check for and retighten any bolts or screws that may have become loosened. Then, turn the blower wheel by hand to make sure that it is able to rotate freely. The next step in installing your restaurant kitchen exhaust fan is to select and prepare the site where you will install it.

Locate the fan as close as possible to the area it will be serving in order to limit any long or twisted duct runs. The fan discharge should be located at least 10 feet away from any supply intakes.

Confirm that your fan supports are strong enough to hold your equipment and make sure you have enough clearance around your installation site to safely set up your equipment and lift it into its final position. And of course, before installing or servicing any commercial kitchen exhaust equipment, always disconnect the power. Most rooftop ventilators are designed to be installed on top of a prefabricated or factory built roof curb.

Roof curbs should be connected to structural roof members with at least four lug screws, anchor bolts, or other appropriate fasteners per curb flange. Curb flanges should be caulked to the roof.

Be sure that the duct connection and fan outlet are properly aligned and sealed. Then, secure the fan to the curb through the vertical portion of the ventilator base assembly flange using a minimum of eight lug screws, anchor bolts, or other appropriate fasteners. Depending on the type of curb installation and roofing material, shims may also be required. When you are done installing, double check all fasteners for tightness. The roof mounted upblast exhaust fans sold by HoodFilters.

The ductwork attached to these units can significantly affect their airflow performance. Due to this, it is important that flexible ductwork and square elbows not be used.

It is also very important to avoid unnecessary transitions and turns in the ductwork near the fan inlet. These can cause system effect and drastically increase the static pressure while reducing the airflow. If your ventilation system requires a backdraft damper, you would install that first and secure it within the roof curb. You should also consult with your state and local codes for any more detailed requirements. In accordance with NFPA 96, if you are installing an upblast kitchen hood exhaust fan, you will need to ensure that the discharge is at least 40 inches above the rooftop.

Run the power cord through the conduit tube, which is located on the top skirt, outside of the unit. Then, secure the ventilator curb through the vertical portion of the ventilator base assembly flange using lug screws, anchor bolts, or other suitable fasteners. Check to make sure that the voltage and phase of the power supply and the wire amperage capacity are compatible with the requirements listed on the nameplate of your fan motor. Make sure the power line wiring is de-energized.

Also, be sure to lock and tag the disconnect switch or breaker to prevent an accidental power up. The disconnect switch is located on the exterior of upblast fans and in the interior of downblast fans. On downblast direct drive fans, the disconnect function is built into the speed controller.

According to the National Electric Code, short circuit protection should be supplied by a dedicated branch circuit that is run to a junction box. Before you power up the fan, check the ventilator wheel again for free rotation and make sure that the interior of the fan is free of any loose debris or shipping materials.Many commercial buildings, such as restaurants and industrial buildings, require ventilation and exhaust fans in order to conduct business.

We can install full make-up air systems to ensure your ventilation system does not suck all the cold air out of your building. Peaden also installs exhaust systems for industrial buildings.

If your business has fumes, smoke, or gasses that need to be exhausted, Peaden can install all the exhaust duct, exhaust fans, and make-up air systems to keep your operations running free of fumes and smoke. Peaden aspires to build a lasting partnership with you and your facility, and our team strives for the highest level of service and environmental control.

We work hard to assist our customers in maintaining a comfortably controlled environment at their facilities. In becoming your partner, we will help you establish long-term energy and environmental goals, and we are determined to become a fiduciary asset to you and your business. Let Peaden show you why we are the trusted leader for the businesses on the Gulf Coast!

Find us on social media! Commercial Exhaust Fan Repair and Installation Many commercial buildings, such as restaurants and industrial buildings, require ventilation and exhaust fans in order to conduct business. Business Partnership.

commercial exhaust fan installation

View More Coupons. Schedule your service today Follow us.Exhaust fans allow you to keep every space around your business cool, comfortable and clean. Dynamic Fan supplies, installs and services exhaust fans to serve a variety of businesses. Whether you have refrigerators expelling warm air into a closed space, you have a tight storage area that needs fresh air, or you have a drying area accumulating heavy fumes, a commercial exhaust fan will bring clean, cool air into the space again.

Dynamic Fan installs exhaust fans to improve or extend your HVAC system, regardless of the size of your business or the type of ventilation that you need. Dynamic Fan will help you find the right size, design and speed to properly ventilate the area, keep your employees safe and make a comfortable working area. We also sell and install replacement parts when needed, including motors, shafts, pulleys, belts and bearings.

To discuss your exhaust fan needs, please contact the helpful representatives at Dynamic Fan. No Yes. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Dynamic Fan.The roof or rooftop exhaust fan is the most efficient way to rid a building or facility of overheated air issues. Since hot air rises to the ceiling or the highest point of a structure, it makes sense that having exhaust fans mounted on the roof will work best.

Not all facilities can utilize a roof exhauster due to weight issues, pitch of roof, access to the roof and so on. These fans can be very heavy, and getting the Read More. These fans can be very heavy, and getting them in place on the roof may require a man-lift or crane.

This allows the fan to seat properly for effective air removal or exhausting. This is when a wall exhaust fan may be necessary. We offer commercial roof fansindustrial rooftop exhausterscentrifugal wheel or axial blade upblast or downblast roof exhaust fans for commercial kitchens, schools or hospitals.

The upblast rooftop fan ejects the air from the building straight up into the atmosphere, while a downblast roof fan ejects the air downward to the roof by using a bell shaped cap on the top of the fan. The upblast roof mount fan uses a butterfly type damper and rain gutter design so that when the fan is off no rain can enter the building.

Whereas the downblast roof exhaust fan does not need the damper due to the bell like housing which keeps all weather out of the building. CFM's for these rooftopf fans range from to 75, These roof ventilators come in either belt drive or direct drive versions. The belt drive units are typically quieter, and can usually move air at a higher CFM then the direct drive unit. Rooftop fans with axial blades move more air, but do not work as well with high static pressures.

Whereas the centrifugal wheeled fan is typically quieter and works more efficiently where static pressures are moderate to high. Industrial Fans Direct carries several manufactures and brands of roof exhaust fans, such as Canarm Ltd.

commercial exhaust fan installation

Call and speak with a knowledgeable sales representative today Please call Filters Roof Exhaust Fans. Read less. Upblast Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans.

Upblast Axial Roof Exhaust Fans. Downblast Axial Roof Exhaust Fans. Downblast Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans. Energy Efficient Roof Exhaust Fans.Skip to main content Commercial Exhaust Fans.

In Stock. I live in the Pacific Northwest where cold weather and rain can combine to create a condensation problem. After adding a garage to my home I found that condensation would form on the garage door windows and walls after I'd pulled my warm, wet car in during wintery conditions.

The dimensions were perfect for installation between studs. I created a box between the studs by nailing two 2x6" Add to cart. Clauson Anchorage, AK.

It is very powerful and very effective in ventilating a loft with no built-in venting - as well as other areas of the house. Very sturdy construction,also.

Cool Attic Whole House Fan

I stumbled around on others reviews of this product after i had already purchased it. I was I got cold feet in a way. Sat there starring at the horrifying words on my screen for a great while. Almost cancelled my entire order.

Exhaust Fans & Ventilators

Then i Waited Till it came, figuring i could return it if it was an issue. It was intense to say the least. The product got here.

I opened it. I didn't cancel.

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